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  Capacity Building Programme  

We have takenup several programmes under the Capacity building programme

  • Training on Self-governance
As a consequence of the seventy-third amendment of the Constitution awareness on the significance of the Panchayati Raj system has grown Laws, bills and amendments alone do not change social structure Realizing the specific need to train both young men and woman to take on the reigns of self-government a three-day training programme for youth on “Effective Leadership in Panchayati Raj Institutions” was organized on June.
  • World Environment Day
The APHRDS celebrated the World Environment Day amongst young environment enthusiasts and members of VSS’s on June. Mr.V.Shanmukarao, Consultant was the guest of honor for the occasion. He has deliberated on the importance of celebration and highlighted the present scenario of world environment. In his concluding note, he made a remark of youth involvement in conservation of the environment to save the world. Mr. B.Ganga Raju Chairman, drew attention of participants on the strategies of waste management and disposal. Eminent guests planted saplings in the APHRDS premises to mark the occasion.
  • Social Work Skill Building Training
Students from prestigious social work colleges namely Andhra University Visakhapatnam underwent intensive training at the APHRDS. During their block placement, they acquired knowledge and skills on how to organize and conduct training programmes and workshops. Besides, doing a stint in the library cum documentation centre, learning administrative work, they also acquired with field experience on the community development project where they helped in implementing need-based programmes.
  • World Population Day
As the population of the country nears the billion mark, and continues to increase, a need was felt by the APHRDS Paderu to raise awareness on the issue in the Tribal area. The ‘World Population Day’ was observed with communities representing from all programming villages and also the government officials. A series of talks on health and hygiene and family planning schemes were organized by the family planning officer and the medical officer, Paderu. Posters depicting various stages of human development with the diet requirements were displayed.

  • Programmes for the Community
The APHRDS organized a healthy baby contest to promote cleanliness and hygiene among the little ones on June 20, 2009 The Modapalli Panchayat tribal children came in and participated in the programme. Children of different age groups viz. less than1 year, 1-4 years and 5-10 years age-groups largely participated from all programming villages. Some prizes were distributed on the occasion.
  • Functional Literacy
The response to the regular non-formal education classes conducted by the APHRDS has been most encouraging. Children have been provided with new slates, notebooks and colorful charts to usher in the new session. Children of all age groups have been enthusiastically attending the classes.
  • Food Security
APHRDS is working on the issues of food security of the tribal. Tribals and the primitive tribals are not in the habit of saving for the future and to mitigate the seasonal food requirement.

APHRDS with support of IKP has executed 130 grain banks in his operating villages. All these grain banks are of 6 years old and would now cater to the 2 months of food requirement of the tribal community.

The grain bank is managed by the community. The storage place is neatly preserved, grains are properly dried up and adequate precaution and care is being taken by the community to manage the stored grains.

Community initiated grain bank is properly functioning and has achieved functionality sustenance. All records are thoroughly managed.

  • Disaster Management
APHRDS has responded to the Natural Disasters occurred in the state of Gujurat, Orissa as well as Kurnool Districts of Andhra Pradesh. As a humanitarian organization, we have responded to the natural disasters in terms of provisioning timely food supply to the needy families.

Things apart, we have deployed out entire team to evacuate and rescue people and stabilize them in a safer place. Making availability of medicines, and hygiene and sanitation condition was also looked after by us. In specifically the Kurnool districts of Andhra Pradesh, we spent weeks together to restore the life and livelihood of the people. We have supplied cooking utensils, rice, firewood, dal and vegetables to all affected families.

APHRDS has played the critical and challenging role of negotiating with Govt and various donning agencies interested to extend support to the affected. We are satisfied that as a humanitarian organization, we have protect many life and livelihood of the people.

  • Women Empowerment
On 8th March, 2009 APHRDS celebrated World women’s day at Vanjangi. During the event, dignitaries of district level participated and informed audience about Rights, Roles, Reservations for women in the society,Women empowerment, Micro Finance movement, anti-liquor movement, dowry system that are prevalent in society.
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